Sunday, October 26, 2008

ZX School: Bonding Bliss School

Bonding Bliss School
Bonding Bliss also known as Albizzia Julibrissin and Acacia to others. The coquettish look class wave, the moving soul, the Bonding Bliss School sends the disciple as soon as it raises a hand to step in unfolding one kind of character and style of ten thousand kind, the natural clean gracefulness. The Bonding Bliss School sends the magic arts to be mostly rapid quickly, which are very strange in many ways. They will weaken the enemy, by the magic arts demon person mind first frequently, will excel to take the person life in invisibility. The hand-hold link edge, the movement exquisite dances probably is the same, you could not even feel that side the danger already arrived.

The Bonding Bliss School, executes in the middle of the immortal nobody to be able to leave right absolutely its slaughters master of art, they to pursue and to victory infinite hope, achievement gorgeous like music movement Wu Xue repertoire. Let the human immerse in attracting is frightened out of one's wits, but is unconscious.

Bonding Bliss School is one of the demon path. They are assassins with high critical strike and high damage. They look graceful and thus make you unaware that the danger is just beside you. They are the only one who can get the head of the enemies instantly. Its deadly weakness is defense.This school uses the boomerang orb that has mid-range physical attacks. The great thing is, his skills are so fast and fluid in motion, and even the cherryblossom petals hover around whenever you attack a mob.

Bonding Bliss School is characterized by sending an instant high-damage output, strong storms hit the trail is the only ability to make just one moment can take the enemy head-killer characters, a variety of state control technology is often difficult to make a powerful enemy facilities, whether single More than a duel or melee, Bonding Bliss is in control, a key factor in winning enemy.

Bonding Bliss School is a disadvantage to send the fragile defense force is the most deadly trail of weakness, continued to battle each other in how to effectively protect themselves will need to have the prerequisite skills, and want to do a good killer, but also has a unique sense of fighting , As well as the skill to operate the way a lot of their own skills and reasonable application.

The frail defensive power is the Bonding Bliss School most fatal weakness, how in the fierce combat effective one which of premise skills protects is in itself essential must grasp, but wants to be an outstanding murderer, needs to have the unique fight consciousness, operates the technique as well as to the own many skill reasonable application adeptly.

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