Monday, October 27, 2008

ZX School: Ghost King Sect

Ghost King Sect
The Ghost King Sect, is called by the first under heaven big evil spirit to teach. The reason that has such title, comes from them is reaches the goal to resort to all means that comes from these treacherously, the might formidable magic arts. The book from heaven leaves behind the strange magic arts and the western region Ashura's incantation law fuses in together, was unable to explain cold and to just to strong hale and hearty let ghost Wang Zongzhan in the mountain peak which the soldiers could achieve! But these hale and hearty hides is biting the bone the cold magic arts is also such dazzles but of such magnificent.

Ghost King's Sheng Jiao were one of the branches, 300 years ago on the sovereign Ghost King Sect generation chance to be the Book II, the famous earthquake, Gui Wang will be in the branch to grow and develop.

Ghost King Sect magic were mostly from the parts left over from the Book of understanding from a very strange law Road, for the purpose of up means that they have been called the world Mojiao.
Most of their theory comes from Heavenly Book. They can resort to different means in a bid to realize their objective. They are berserk warriors and good at single melee attack with strong defense. But it’s weak in long distance attack and group attack. This one uses a double-sided blade for his short-range physical attacks. He’s also fast, and with the right equipment, can turn your world upside down!

Hands down the record on the fox Qi in-depth cliff incantation law, the origin is surreptitious, and melts with the Ghost King heart characteristics of things really exactly. After employment, may make Shi Zhuzhe oneself to bounce all attacks in a short time, the rank promotion higher bounce injury is higher, withing certain amount of time the immunity lethargic sleep effect, the safeguard mental sober is not led astray.

Excellent single attack near capacity, strong defense, monsters contain specific skills, is the soul of the team.

Lack of long-range attacks and the group's ability to attack, so remote in the face of threats and attacks from the multi-Ghost King against the lack of long-distance rivals Rapid and effective means of a large number of enemy, how quickly it is close to the opponent and ensure the security team to carry out large Typhoid is the size of the output of each of these Ghost King must face the test.

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