Saturday, October 18, 2008

ZX Online Philippines Goes International

Yes, its been announced. The most anticipated game of Q4 2008 the ZX Online PH ( Zhu Xian ) will open its doors to all players internationally. ZX online Philippines, the first english version of the MMORPG, Zhu Xian Online. Created by China’s Beijing Perfect World Co. Ltd, and to be publish by IP e-Games Ventures for Philippines franchise were schedule its Close Beta Testing Phase this coming November 2008. It means no more blocking of Ip addresses for this game and those who residing outside the country can also enjoy playing ZX online 1st english version.

Still dont have any clue whether e-Games PH will also do some invites or accepts request for all foreign players who wish to participate in the CB testing. But this is considered a great news especially those pinoys in abroads who like to play with fellow pinoys. I hope in this effort and the inclusion of players from different parts of the country will help more in the effort to show the game ZX Online to other parts of the World.

Ive been playing several of International MMORPGs titles and i had an experienced playing side by side with matured, friendly well behave foreigners thats why i simply admired them. This will also one way to prove to our foreign counterparts that pinoy gamers are similarly friendly, competitive, smart players and well disciplined as themselves. Im sure it will bring more excitement and even more challenging to compete with some future foreign guilds.

The additions of foreign players and all pinoy gamers lived, worked and studying abroad will be a bigger trials to e-Games and ZXph Team. With a bigger and wider market we just hope that the value of services will be a whole lot of better for ZX players and we need to see a bigger improvements this time. The efforts of bringing a pleasant gaming experiences to majority and the nice game community to all with a superb customer services are the big challenges to ZX PH Team and to its company to be face in the future.

Goodluck e-Games Team and Thank you for bringing to us ZX online, Its another new excitements for all gamers who cant really wait for this game to happen.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Introducing our ZX PH Community Manager

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Allow me to introduce the latest addition to e-Games Family and to the list of IP e-Games Venture Community Managers. This Female Big Boss will handles the operations of this new much anticipated MMORPG based on the fantasy novel love story, called Zhu Xian Online or ZX Online PH.

Please welcome our Community Manager for ZX PH, CM Mei Yan. A Female Game Community Manager will charm its way to the gaming world of Zhu Xian Phils aka ZX Online PH. This will add more charisma to this new game and me think best suited to lead for this Love Story Novel based new MMORPG schedule to hit its Close Beta Testing this coming November 2008.

CM Mei Yan said that theres lots of suprises in the coming of this game and great rewards to those people and guilds who contributes, participates and continue to do the efforts bringing this game to the gaming public admirations.

To CM Mei Yan and to the ZX Communty Team members.

More Power and Goodluck!~

Know more about CM Mei Yan and ZX Online PH at this site:

ZX PH Community Blog Site

CM Mei Yan ZX Blog @ Multiply

CM Mei Yan ZX Online Philippines @ Face Book

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ZX Ph : Introductions to Characters and Clans

So far, little informations we know about this game, After a great successes of the game in China, Taiwan and Japan servers only the Philippines and Malaysia will soon be publishing an English Version of the game but the dates is not yet been reveal. ( You can check out their ZX Websites for more informations .)

So basically all the informations, guides and facts about the game will soon be encrypted in English languages. But ofcourse all players who can read and write chinese or japanese languages can easily deciphers the informations coming from other active ZX website. Good for them.

Maybe a week or so, e-Games will soon to come out a detailed descriptions of the game Zhu Xian in there Website for all Pinoy e-Gamers who are waiting for this valuable informations and details of gameplays and features.

Heres my lil compilation of some ZX introduction to the Characters and Clans, you can also view the videos compliations of clans / characters / and their unique skills.

There are four available clans in Zhu Xian:

the QingyunMen, Taoists good at wielding the sword and experts in melee combat;

the TianyinSi , believers of Buddhism, trained casters of protective spells;

the GuiwangZong , also good at casting buffs and are also able to use their bodies as medium for demon spirits;

the HehuanPai, evil creatures who have mastered the arts of debuffing.

( This videos helps you distinguish the clans from the character images to the chinese name and clans in english translations.)

Note: That the English Clan names below are not yet an Official terms for ZXph server Clan Names and Terms. The Clans below are translated by DevilInsideMe for a Malaysian Gaming Forum.

GhostLord Clan

SkyTone Temple Clan

Joyous Clan

GreenCloud Clan

GhostTrail Clan

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-DevilInsideMe and Evenge - mmosite forumers ( for the video links )
-Anticipating Zhu Xian Blog by GM Raven ( For the clan infos )
-Legend of Chusen /mk style - (for the zx image)