Thursday, November 13, 2008

What is Close Beta Testing (CBT) ?

CBT or Close Beta Testing- is the second step, process or procedures after the publisher and developer tested the game client at Alpha Phase.

It is called "close" because only limited numbers of participants can enter and play the game with limited accessibility of the entire game meaning limited maps, certain level capping enforced limited items and limited durations or period, but you can fully enjoy the whole game like all what the game can offer like features, game play, interface and environments. But definitely all characters, items and in-game money in Closed Beta will be erased after its phase completion.
After the game errors and bugged in CBTesting had been addressed another testing will be open to the public for testing, it is called Open Beta Testing Phase (OBT will not erase or delete all characters, items, and in game money).

Close Beta Testing main purpose are to check the stability and readiness of the game through players/gamers perspectives and experiences, of course for checking errors, monster names and actions and game bugged still in the game and also for its effectiveness in translating all texts, readable fonts and the stability of the server by checking its efficiency to handle big numbers of players in the client server the same time.

But the very purpose of the Close Beta Testing is actually to promote the game to the public with certain limitations. That is why they invited players from different sources like medias, game critics, gamers guilds, and of course gamers like you.

This is too much for some testers having certain responsibility while trying this game, but why bother since the publisher did not ask each and everyone to submit a report of the game experiences. You have to Enjoy a whole lot while testing it.

One main achievement of a tester is having to try the game the first time. The feeling that a gamer can embrace for entire life, a memoirs that we can share to our friends and relatives that somehow become a pioneer to the game and belong to a crowd that experience the game at close beta are actually a big achievement, a priviledge and a reward.

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