Saturday, October 25, 2008

ZX School: Heaven Sound Temple

Heaven Sound Temple

The Heaven Sound Temple cultivates true virtue for Buddhism, studies Buddhism to the high method - the true buddhist wisdom, depends upon the Buddhist doctrine to universal restoration. The Heaven sound temple Buddhist priest pays great attention oneself to lead a pious life, strongs and healthy body by the Buddha family merit law, dies out sits in meditation. The Heaven sound temple magic arts defend grow perceptibly, in Buddhism true words contains the strength may cause the human solid this to cultivate the Yuan, is not violated the external force. The big mercy's strength may also provide relief the common people, restores the vitality. When the beastly monster spreads the coal life time, they will bravely step forward, will eliminate the evil spirit by the Buddhist doctrine subdue demons.

Heaven Sound Temple practices the highest level of Buddism called Sanskrit Prajna. They emphasize on their own cultivation and strengthen their health by Buddism Dharma. Heaven Sound Temple outshines others in the magic of defense. It’s disciples are masters of theory of recovery. It’s also the only school who knows the mana of resurrection. They are like the doctors who can help to restore HP and increase defense. It’s good at group attack but can’t cause deadly damage to enemies.

Heaven Sound Temple is using a staff. This is because she is a magic user. Most of the time, she will heal or provide buffs, however do not underestimate this innocent-lookin’ staff. It can summon powerful magic that will surely cause fear in anyone’s presence…

Sounds of Heaven Temple defensive due to magic, Buddhism mantra Implication in the power of people can consolidate the results, against the outside. Large forces of compassion can be the world relief, restoration of vital energy. When the demon beasts trampled on people, they will come forward to Jiangyaochumo Buddhism.
The only good at supporting employment and give the team a strong support for the fight, including the restoration of vital energy, enhance the defense, and even the revival of the dead teammate, as well as with certain groups and attacks on state control, the unique skills of sleeping in a large-scale Sometimes the battle to come.

Excels at the occupation which is only auxiliary, can give the teammate the formidable fight support, restores including the vitality, defends the promotion, even reactivates the teammate who died, meanwhile had certain community attack and state control ability, sometimes the unique lethargic sleep skill even could turn defeat into victory in the large-scale fight.By comparison, the day the lack of sound harm the excellent output capacity, generally can not give the enemy a fatal blow, so in the face of powerful enemy alone, the number of days the sound at a disadvantage, but to protect themselves.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

ZX School: Azure Cloud School

Azure Cloud School

Azure Cloud School is the biggest among the three righteous clans. The Azure Cloud Clan has a two thousands years history and is the leader of both righteous and heretic sects. This is because the founder obtained an ancient sword, the “Zhu Xian” from Paraselene ( FlashMoon). In his travels across the world, no antagonist could defeat him. Thus did he gain the admiration from his foes and their descendants. This resulted in most of them choosing the heavenly sword as their spectral power. Many swordsman born a thousand years later turned it into a traditional rule for Azure Cloud School. The founder was the source of the formidable “Zhu Xian Formation”.

Azure Cloud School traces its origins from Taoism, and practice the superb skill – “Tai Chi of Darkness”, the skills are exquisite, and it emphasizes on the balance between heaven and earth, natural movement, and harnessing natural forces to transform into phenomenal force.
This one can go from mid to long range attacks. Most of his high level skills are magic type though, but everything will most likely to come from his honorable sword.

Characteristics of the Azure Cloud School
High stability and damage output when using ranged attacks. Powerful group attack capabilities make Azure Cloud the main choice for area damage. In addition, their magic spells carry debilitating effects like agility reduction and other abnormal status effects. This gives the Azure Cloud a lot of hidden potential during battle.

Disadvantages of the Azure Cloud School
Lack of continuous individual attack capabilities and weaker defenses. Azure Cloud will be driven into a dangerous situation when facing melee opponents with excellent damage output or foes who posses various control abilities. “Thunder Nova Explosion” is the most well known skill. Taoism, sword and thunder are the signs of Azure Cloud.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lets talk about ZX Game Features

Game Features

'Full o tolane'
It can move to the QUEST target and the place and the monster of QUEST, entirely automatically. This is called Auto Path Seeking engine in ZX PH.

'All range system'
By the fact that legal treasure is refined, it strengthens the skill effect of legal treasure, assists aggressively.

'Refinement system'
With production and refinement, it is possible, beautiful equipment transfigures to strengthen the equipment.

'Family system'
It is possible, is a private skill to unite maximum of 15 members.
When you raise together with the member of the family, it can add also other skill.

'Guild system'
Only the patriarch of the family system it can make the guild.
As for the member who has entered into the guild everyday color it is QUEST receive in every level condition, there to be a praising beauty such as high experience value, also QUEST (everyday) is renewed 24 hours, can enjoy the game more.

'Special field'
The field where it can oppose the user. Way it can make casual, maximum of 12: Fight is possible with 12.

'Marriage system'
Searching the person where it is different from the usual marriage system, completes QUEST, has the same item
You get married. “The knot of the edge” in true sense is.

'Ranking system'
“Factional contribution ranking”, “loyal retainer ranking” and “hero ranking” and so on, there is a ranking and can receive designation.

'Designation system'
Unless there is also a designation which completes QUEST, can receive, has entered into the ranking of the “God demon system” there is also a designation which cannot be received. In the future, it starts mounting 'siege warfare' and 'territory game'.

Monday, October 20, 2008

ZX Online PH : The start of your adventures

First of all i want to share images and some descriptions of what we gonna expect on the first day of either CB testing or the Open Beta launching. Before we look into more classy and colorful characters, armors and weapons. Let us peek on the scene of your first adverture to Zhu Xian plains.
This is what will you looks like on the very first time you logged in to the game and after creating a character of your gender preference. All the newbies are Paladins at the every beginning. They only know some very basic martial arts. They can choose to join a school when they reach certain level.

All schools have two genders to select from: male and female.

This is what we gonna expect the first time ZX Online PH open its server to the public during CB testing and for sure we will see much more players in the Open Beta. The gathering of all newbies to the game.

The game interface will be like this, As you can see the background view looks really nice, the damage hit points can be seen clearly at the top of a character not really blocking the enemy's view, the graphical effects being so colorful and wow is that a piggy emoticons in the chat box? which gives us players a way to show our present emotions through this icons while chatting with friends ingame.

Wait for more interesting informations about the ZX Online PH at this blog site.

Tnx to CM Mei Yan and Shannel for the provided images.

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