Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let's talk about Zhu Xian Pets

In the game Zhu Xian you will be having many kinds of Pets.There are certain types that can be use as your transportations or ride ( Mountable ) and there are type wherein you must take precaution and patience to bring out the best results and help you in your adventures in Zhu Xian plains. This guide will concentrate more to this cute ownable pets.

This Domesticated Pet is your day to day assistant. When you reach character level of 5 you will automatically receive "Guidelines of the Pet Master Quest". This pet can be train, it actually increases the levels, they must eat several times to improve their skills and task, they have unique gestures, do some random chat dialogue, they evolve from primary patterns to intermediate shape at lvl 12 and High shape at lvl 18.

Pet life = Pet age, you can no longer use your pet in rest state. But you can restore their youth in proper NPC. Also you can manage and craft equipments for your pet. You will be having like a maximum of 35 slots of Pet Fences ( Pet Cage in PW )

The best thing about the pet, you can set your Pet to do some task for you like collection, logging, hunting, fishing, mining, treasure hunt for raw materials and formulas.

Pet Social Classes:
Pet's social classes divides into the fight class social class and the production class social class:
Fight class: May establish the pet to obtain the corresponding social class, obtains the fight attribute in large promotion.

Production class: May establish the pet to obtain the corresponding social class, obtains the viability/ working attribute promotion.
There also a higher social class Pet.

Watch Pet Video

( Note: The Pet's given names are all in general terms for the purpose of introduction. We all wait for the Official ZXPH Guides to know exactly the name(s) given to any particular pet below)

Plant Pet Primary Pattern
Plant Pet Intermediate Shape
Plant Pet High Shape

Wild Boar Primary Pattern
Wild Boar Intermediate Shape
Wild Boar High Shape

Stone / Golem Primary Pattern
Stone / Golem Intermediate Shape
Stone / Golem High Shape

Bear Primary Shape
Bear Intermediate Shape
Bear High Shape

Fairy Primary Pattern
Fairy Intermediate Shape
FairyHigh Shape

Phoenix Pet Primary Pattern
Phoenix Intermediate Shape
( No available image for High Shape Phoenix Pet )

Mouse Pet Primary Pattern
Mouse Pet Intermediate Shape
Mouse Pet High Shape
Some of Pet FAQs:

Q: How do I open my pet fence window?
A: Click key P or the ALT+P combination key to open the pet window interface.

Q: How to summon my pet?
A: Click the P key or the alt+P combination key opens the pet window interface. Selects the pet which you must summon, in the same window click summons the pet button.

Q: Can establish the quick key to summon the pet?
A: Yes, press the E key, it has “the pet in “the expression movement fence” to summon” icon, move the icon to the quick slot.

sources: Pet Guides - / Images -


Blue bird said...

hi im playing ZX open beta for a week ... and i have this quest about petmaster... but i cant find it!! is there other way for me to have a pet????

plz reply!! i really want to have a pet!!

hopping for your kind answer...

Very truly yours
Blue BIrd

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean the npc isnt even there!

Anonymous said...

they have temporarily??? taken the pets out of all related games

Anonymous said...

no they left the pets out of closed beta. wait till open beta.

Anonymous said...

Can you post more screenshots of pets, like the wolf and the frog , thx

Anonymous said...

What Lvl Can Be Evolved The Pet?

Or What Signed They Evolved ?

How Can They Evolved?

Plzz Answer This My question

Anonymous said...

Hi. is wild boar mountable?
please reply me asap

Anonymous said...

first pets don't level up because of its level it levels up by its grade.
when your pet get to grade 12 go and buy something from the pet master and it will change the appearance

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