Thursday, October 23, 2008

ZX School: Azure Cloud School

Azure Cloud School

Azure Cloud School is the biggest among the three righteous clans. The Azure Cloud Clan has a two thousands years history and is the leader of both righteous and heretic sects. This is because the founder obtained an ancient sword, the “Zhu Xian” from Paraselene ( FlashMoon). In his travels across the world, no antagonist could defeat him. Thus did he gain the admiration from his foes and their descendants. This resulted in most of them choosing the heavenly sword as their spectral power. Many swordsman born a thousand years later turned it into a traditional rule for Azure Cloud School. The founder was the source of the formidable “Zhu Xian Formation”.

Azure Cloud School traces its origins from Taoism, and practice the superb skill – “Tai Chi of Darkness”, the skills are exquisite, and it emphasizes on the balance between heaven and earth, natural movement, and harnessing natural forces to transform into phenomenal force.
This one can go from mid to long range attacks. Most of his high level skills are magic type though, but everything will most likely to come from his honorable sword.

Characteristics of the Azure Cloud School
High stability and damage output when using ranged attacks. Powerful group attack capabilities make Azure Cloud the main choice for area damage. In addition, their magic spells carry debilitating effects like agility reduction and other abnormal status effects. This gives the Azure Cloud a lot of hidden potential during battle.

Disadvantages of the Azure Cloud School
Lack of continuous individual attack capabilities and weaker defenses. Azure Cloud will be driven into a dangerous situation when facing melee opponents with excellent damage output or foes who posses various control abilities. “Thunder Nova Explosion” is the most well known skill. Taoism, sword and thunder are the signs of Azure Cloud.

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