Saturday, October 25, 2008

ZX School: Heaven Sound Temple

Heaven Sound Temple

The Heaven Sound Temple cultivates true virtue for Buddhism, studies Buddhism to the high method - the true buddhist wisdom, depends upon the Buddhist doctrine to universal restoration. The Heaven sound temple Buddhist priest pays great attention oneself to lead a pious life, strongs and healthy body by the Buddha family merit law, dies out sits in meditation. The Heaven sound temple magic arts defend grow perceptibly, in Buddhism true words contains the strength may cause the human solid this to cultivate the Yuan, is not violated the external force. The big mercy's strength may also provide relief the common people, restores the vitality. When the beastly monster spreads the coal life time, they will bravely step forward, will eliminate the evil spirit by the Buddhist doctrine subdue demons.

Heaven Sound Temple practices the highest level of Buddism called Sanskrit Prajna. They emphasize on their own cultivation and strengthen their health by Buddism Dharma. Heaven Sound Temple outshines others in the magic of defense. It’s disciples are masters of theory of recovery. It’s also the only school who knows the mana of resurrection. They are like the doctors who can help to restore HP and increase defense. It’s good at group attack but can’t cause deadly damage to enemies.

Heaven Sound Temple is using a staff. This is because she is a magic user. Most of the time, she will heal or provide buffs, however do not underestimate this innocent-lookin’ staff. It can summon powerful magic that will surely cause fear in anyone’s presence…

Sounds of Heaven Temple defensive due to magic, Buddhism mantra Implication in the power of people can consolidate the results, against the outside. Large forces of compassion can be the world relief, restoration of vital energy. When the demon beasts trampled on people, they will come forward to Jiangyaochumo Buddhism.
The only good at supporting employment and give the team a strong support for the fight, including the restoration of vital energy, enhance the defense, and even the revival of the dead teammate, as well as with certain groups and attacks on state control, the unique skills of sleeping in a large-scale Sometimes the battle to come.

Excels at the occupation which is only auxiliary, can give the teammate the formidable fight support, restores including the vitality, defends the promotion, even reactivates the teammate who died, meanwhile had certain community attack and state control ability, sometimes the unique lethargic sleep skill even could turn defeat into victory in the large-scale fight.By comparison, the day the lack of sound harm the excellent output capacity, generally can not give the enemy a fatal blow, so in the face of powerful enemy alone, the number of days the sound at a disadvantage, but to protect themselves.

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i hope u could share some info on refining and making weapons..ΓΌ

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