Friday, December 5, 2008

Young Eagles Spread Wings

Dont get this daily routine wrong, this ZX features are available only for those young character and/or newly created ones.

Let's starts

This is made available daily at Heyang NPC - Zhou Yixian. The time of replenishment at exactly 12:01 am. Just talk to this guy and look for a Yellow Text - Young eagles spead wings.
At the time you take it, the duration of Twice Experiences gains automatically starts ( see the picture below with red arrow )

Also please check your inventory for extra charms ( 2 pcs ) that made handy in your day to day activities like grinding or quests which ever you like. When activated (x2 click or right mouse click the item ) It will gives a character several boost in their attributes for limited time duration of 2 hours. ( Upon expirations of the item the X2 will be expires but this buffs will stays in your character for another 6 more hours and it will only disappears when you logged out your character, changing channels or sudden death. )

Tiger Soul Ice Cryolit gives you 50 points of attacking power and not another 50 more defense power.

Note: This Features only works for character until 7 usages and you can get this once daily. The features will automatically void once your character reaches at level 45.