Saturday, November 8, 2008

ZX Security: Safety lock features reveals

For a better gaming experiences and guarantees that the security of items, ingame money, ingots and transaction are well established in the game ZX Online. This added game features, an almost unique way and interface wherein any player is not worried anymore of their account while they were away or inactive of playing.

This will prevent certain penetrations of any ZX account with the intentions of hacking valuable contents in all characters created in an account because this features able to guard any intentions of sabotaging, an anti-theft features for a maintaning a worry free community.

Its called "Safety Lock" features

Anyone can set their characters in safety lock mode by time/durations in hours and mins ( Max of 23 hours 59 mins and Min of 1 Min ).

This are the examples of disabled activity while the safety lock is activated.

1. unable to carry on the transaction or trade with other players
2. unable to set up a stall ( also locking features prohibits buying items to a stall )
3. unable to make mail
4. unable to sell / buy the good at the NPC
5. unable to discard the money and the goods.
6. unable to carry on the refining procedures.
7. unable to carry on the silver piece transaction ( Ingot trading )
8. unable place to carry on any operation in “the immortal labor” to the magic weapon

Certainly this features will help in preventing any force penetrations of an account and guards any accounts from hackings and other malicious intentions. It will guaranteed players that all items and moneys stored in their particular characters were all safe and secured.

Also it will serves mostly our players playing in their nearby favorite cafes and internet shop while away from the computers and resting they will not anymore worrying that their ZX account might be hacks by some keylogger afficionados or password eye spies.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Call for Future ZX Online Players

This my personal opinions in some topics found in the ZX official forum regarding the drives against all sort of Third Party Programs ( 3PP ). And also consider this a call to unites us in the drive to help the community of a Free cheats and 3PPs MMORPG in the country.

Im also encourage everyone to post your views and personal opinions, share to us all your ideas it will be a big help to the ZX Online Community.

There will be no Bots or any 3rd Party Programfor this latest game ZX Online at the moment. Simply because there were no private servers of ZX Online established so far. Remember that 3rd party programs always created not for personal interests of some gamers but always for business purposes and to make money out of it.

If this game is going to publish in other major continents, thats the time we will look out for some malicious movements. It will definitely starts with certain newbie chac spamming for Copper ( ZX ingame money) Selling and Power Levelling which are really annoying, this is an example of first move that in most countries and MMOs are very rampant and taking it as a serious business that even the certain publisher taken it for granted. If they were so successful and a lot of customers having patronized there services this is the signal to 3PP programmers to create programs in extremely sense. In which again another way to make big money by selling the programs to their valuable customers. This is the point that the said programs being shared, abundantly copy and advertise in other medium or in the net.

When this copper seller and power levelling mysterious newbie character starting to deploys in all ZX servers, this is the time we as players to take several actions and by helping of reporting to the ZX team community we will somehow prevent this thing to populates our game. Thats why we are a Community and by being vigilant and always aiming for an excellent gaming experience we should somehow cooperates hand in hand with the publisher and with the ZX Game Community itself. Our drive is to trackdowns all possibilities of 3PPs and other malicious intentions of cheating.

If we are so selfish focusing more with our personal intentions to become rich, powerful and gain popularity in the game and not mind to share, participate or cooperate or supporting the publisher but even patronized the 3PP business and services, this the worst time that problems will start to accumulates and then even the publisher didnt know which to prioritize either the game security or your individual problems.

We cant stop this. If we gamers didnt unites to fight this virus , if we always reluctant and relying mostly on the capabilities of the publishers to tracked down this bugs in the game, the result then will be more impossible to our publisher to catch this programs and to make counter measures. And the end results will be an eternal sufferrings of fire fightings.

So im asking everyone to always be an Active Gamer and not to be a Passive one. Be Vigilant.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let's talk about Zhu Xian Pets

In the game Zhu Xian you will be having many kinds of Pets.There are certain types that can be use as your transportations or ride ( Mountable ) and there are type wherein you must take precaution and patience to bring out the best results and help you in your adventures in Zhu Xian plains. This guide will concentrate more to this cute ownable pets.

This Domesticated Pet is your day to day assistant. When you reach character level of 5 you will automatically receive "Guidelines of the Pet Master Quest". This pet can be train, it actually increases the levels, they must eat several times to improve their skills and task, they have unique gestures, do some random chat dialogue, they evolve from primary patterns to intermediate shape at lvl 12 and High shape at lvl 18.

Pet life = Pet age, you can no longer use your pet in rest state. But you can restore their youth in proper NPC. Also you can manage and craft equipments for your pet. You will be having like a maximum of 35 slots of Pet Fences ( Pet Cage in PW )

The best thing about the pet, you can set your Pet to do some task for you like collection, logging, hunting, fishing, mining, treasure hunt for raw materials and formulas.

Pet Social Classes:
Pet's social classes divides into the fight class social class and the production class social class:
Fight class: May establish the pet to obtain the corresponding social class, obtains the fight attribute in large promotion.

Production class: May establish the pet to obtain the corresponding social class, obtains the viability/ working attribute promotion.
There also a higher social class Pet.

Watch Pet Video

( Note: The Pet's given names are all in general terms for the purpose of introduction. We all wait for the Official ZXPH Guides to know exactly the name(s) given to any particular pet below)

Plant Pet Primary Pattern
Plant Pet Intermediate Shape
Plant Pet High Shape

Wild Boar Primary Pattern
Wild Boar Intermediate Shape
Wild Boar High Shape

Stone / Golem Primary Pattern
Stone / Golem Intermediate Shape
Stone / Golem High Shape

Bear Primary Shape
Bear Intermediate Shape
Bear High Shape

Fairy Primary Pattern
Fairy Intermediate Shape
FairyHigh Shape

Phoenix Pet Primary Pattern
Phoenix Intermediate Shape
( No available image for High Shape Phoenix Pet )

Mouse Pet Primary Pattern
Mouse Pet Intermediate Shape
Mouse Pet High Shape
Some of Pet FAQs:

Q: How do I open my pet fence window?
A: Click key P or the ALT+P combination key to open the pet window interface.

Q: How to summon my pet?
A: Click the P key or the alt+P combination key opens the pet window interface. Selects the pet which you must summon, in the same window click summons the pet button.

Q: Can establish the quick key to summon the pet?
A: Yes, press the E key, it has “the pet in “the expression movement fence” to summon” icon, move the icon to the quick slot.

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