Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ZX School: Ghost Witchery Level

Ghost Witchery Level
Ghost Witchery Level long history, ancient sorcery, Xiefa exotic, eclectic Underworld ghost Fu, few hundred years ago.
Exceptional skills to show the form of three Ghost Witchery is different, have many different skills. Strange metamorphosis make ability to Ghost Witchery in any team can adjust their own right. A variety of toxic poison skills continue to curse, the enemy is not always the end of the nightmare. Necromancer into a pile of it with the death of the magic seem very evil. Ghost Witchery is a comprehensive strength and ability to adapt to the combat environment, the role of superpower, we definitely want to know how they entered the ranks of it. This alluring black angel-like character equips a claw to cast out her venomous attacks. And most of their attacks are both physical and magical, however all poisonous.

Ghost Witchery Level disadvantage
And even with their blood in exchange for the ability of the soul so that the ghost of the Road, the relative fragility of the body, often the enemy a fatal blow to the victims, how clever each other to resolve the fierce Sha Zhao, Ghost Witchery level is the key to victory.

Magical metamorphosis of the dead Ghost Witchery sinister diabolical operation, using wind power to clean up the Quartet, but also the embodiment of Mohun, the fierce fight, or king, turned into poison, poison popular blood macrophages. And three in the form of any changes, bizarre and unpredictable. Only to be strong and that the forces of terror.

Tri-State Posture

1st - Ghost Witchery Posture: In this posture of a ghost, and looks no different from ordinary people, but all the year round in the dark study of magic, they are more agile than the others to test their abilities. In this state, to get away, as well as a fatal blow to its own resistance to sleeping more prominent. Very good at small groups to attack the region and have similar "curse" of skills, the enemy can be caused by persistent injury, there are more appropriate for the single attack to speed up the skills.

2nd - Mohun Posture: Ghost Witchery Mohun for changes in human posture, an instant into a floating ghost. Pale face, white hair and shining eyes to issue Yao Yi, at this time so that the people have a ghost witchery stronger war monomers close to the fighting capacity of attacks, such as defense capability will be greatly increased. And a means of vicious enemy, the more weak and its rival the more frenzied attack. There are many skills of its power to weaken each other, to increase their resistance to attack and force characteristics, and even blood.

3rd -Wang insanity posture: Ghost Road in Shiwandashan in Xiucheng Wang insanity, and that strange and mysterious forests so that the power of ghosts Road has been turned into a curse. In this posture of a ghost, known Zhoushu remote to attack. Their skills so that the goal was more toxic poison erosion, and defense capabilities will continue to the loss of life, and so on, until death.
Bizarre assassination techniques Ghost Witchery Level, secretive man, his stealth in the dark, their possession of weapons is even more mysterious was hidden so that others can not see the two. In the test of time, the mysterious Ghost Witchery in their weapons only faintly in his sleeve Hanguang, inadvertently revealed the murderous look Let us shudder. Mysterious metal to build weapons, in the right arm to wear the lightweight, non-state combatants in stealth, so that others can not see. Combined with more equipment, electro-optical inter-Firestone shining bright.

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