Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lets talk about ZX Game Features

Game Features

'Full o tolane'
It can move to the QUEST target and the place and the monster of QUEST, entirely automatically. This is called Auto Path Seeking engine in ZX PH.

'All range system'
By the fact that legal treasure is refined, it strengthens the skill effect of legal treasure, assists aggressively.

'Refinement system'
With production and refinement, it is possible, beautiful equipment transfigures to strengthen the equipment.

'Family system'
It is possible, is a private skill to unite maximum of 15 members.
When you raise together with the member of the family, it can add also other skill.

'Guild system'
Only the patriarch of the family system it can make the guild.
As for the member who has entered into the guild everyday color it is QUEST receive in every level condition, there to be a praising beauty such as high experience value, also QUEST (everyday) is renewed 24 hours, can enjoy the game more.

'Special field'
The field where it can oppose the user. Way it can make casual, maximum of 12: Fight is possible with 12.

'Marriage system'
Searching the person where it is different from the usual marriage system, completes QUEST, has the same item
You get married. “The knot of the edge” in true sense is.

'Ranking system'
“Factional contribution ranking”, “loyal retainer ranking” and “hero ranking” and so on, there is a ranking and can receive designation.

'Designation system'
Unless there is also a designation which completes QUEST, can receive, has entered into the ranking of the “God demon system” there is also a designation which cannot be received. In the future, it starts mounting 'siege warfare' and 'territory game'.

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