Saturday, November 8, 2008

ZX Security: Safety lock features reveals

For a better gaming experiences and guarantees that the security of items, ingame money, ingots and transaction are well established in the game ZX Online. This added game features, an almost unique way and interface wherein any player is not worried anymore of their account while they were away or inactive of playing.

This will prevent certain penetrations of any ZX account with the intentions of hacking valuable contents in all characters created in an account because this features able to guard any intentions of sabotaging, an anti-theft features for a maintaning a worry free community.

Its called "Safety Lock" features

Anyone can set their characters in safety lock mode by time/durations in hours and mins ( Max of 23 hours 59 mins and Min of 1 Min ).

This are the examples of disabled activity while the safety lock is activated.

1. unable to carry on the transaction or trade with other players
2. unable to set up a stall ( also locking features prohibits buying items to a stall )
3. unable to make mail
4. unable to sell / buy the good at the NPC
5. unable to discard the money and the goods.
6. unable to carry on the refining procedures.
7. unable to carry on the silver piece transaction ( Ingot trading )
8. unable place to carry on any operation in “the immortal labor” to the magic weapon

Certainly this features will help in preventing any force penetrations of an account and guards any accounts from hackings and other malicious intentions. It will guaranteed players that all items and moneys stored in their particular characters were all safe and secured.

Also it will serves mostly our players playing in their nearby favorite cafes and internet shop while away from the computers and resting they will not anymore worrying that their ZX account might be hacks by some keylogger afficionados or password eye spies.



Anonymous said...


I've activated my safety lock, and logged out of the game. The time was 23:59 (the max time). I logged in a couple of hours after, and I can't access some features. So I believed that the lock was taking its effect. A day has passed and I can't still seem to go through the said limited transactions.

I tried to shorten the lock-time, but it said that the verification is in 3 days. But I'm addicted to this game already! hahaha.

help :(

pardon my ignorance. :(

Anonymous said...

same here please help. T_T

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