Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ZX Ph : Introductions to Characters and Clans

So far, little informations we know about this game, After a great successes of the game in China, Taiwan and Japan servers only the Philippines and Malaysia will soon be publishing an English Version of the game but the dates is not yet been reveal. ( You can check out their ZX Websites for more informations .)

So basically all the informations, guides and facts about the game will soon be encrypted in English languages. But ofcourse all players who can read and write chinese or japanese languages can easily deciphers the informations coming from other active ZX website. Good for them.

Maybe a week or so, e-Games will soon to come out a detailed descriptions of the game Zhu Xian in there Website for all Pinoy e-Gamers who are waiting for this valuable informations and details of gameplays and features.

Heres my lil compilation of some ZX introduction to the Characters and Clans, you can also view the videos compliations of clans / characters / and their unique skills.

There are four available clans in Zhu Xian:

the QingyunMen, Taoists good at wielding the sword and experts in melee combat;

the TianyinSi , believers of Buddhism, trained casters of protective spells;

the GuiwangZong , also good at casting buffs and are also able to use their bodies as medium for demon spirits;

the HehuanPai, evil creatures who have mastered the arts of debuffing.

( This videos helps you distinguish the clans from the character images to the chinese name and clans in english translations.)

Note: That the English Clan names below are not yet an Official terms for ZXph server Clan Names and Terms. The Clans below are translated by DevilInsideMe for a Malaysian Gaming Forum.

GhostLord Clan

SkyTone Temple Clan

Joyous Clan

GreenCloud Clan

GhostTrail Clan

( You can also find this topic post in the e-Games Forum )


-DevilInsideMe and Evenge - mmosite forumers ( for the video links )
-Anticipating Zhu Xian Blog by GM Raven ( For the clan infos )
-Legend of Chusen /mk style - (for the zx image)

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