Monday, October 20, 2008

ZX Online PH : The start of your adventures

First of all i want to share images and some descriptions of what we gonna expect on the first day of either CB testing or the Open Beta launching. Before we look into more classy and colorful characters, armors and weapons. Let us peek on the scene of your first adverture to Zhu Xian plains.
This is what will you looks like on the very first time you logged in to the game and after creating a character of your gender preference. All the newbies are Paladins at the every beginning. They only know some very basic martial arts. They can choose to join a school when they reach certain level.

All schools have two genders to select from: male and female.

This is what we gonna expect the first time ZX Online PH open its server to the public during CB testing and for sure we will see much more players in the Open Beta. The gathering of all newbies to the game.

The game interface will be like this, As you can see the background view looks really nice, the damage hit points can be seen clearly at the top of a character not really blocking the enemy's view, the graphical effects being so colorful and wow is that a piggy emoticons in the chat box? which gives us players a way to show our present emotions through this icons while chatting with friends ingame.

Wait for more interesting informations about the ZX Online PH at this blog site.

Tnx to CM Mei Yan and Shannel for the provided images.

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