Saturday, October 11, 2008

Zhu Xian Online : MMORPG Masterpiece

Ive never seen a Music Video for a MMORPG, hope you like it: Artist name - Richie Ren
"Zhu Xian: I'm back", Zhu Xian Online's theme song topped several music charts and bill-boards for nearly a month after its release. Also featured in the game was "Zhu Xian Love" or "Zhu Xian Lian", a much anticipated love song (My Blog's Music Background). The music videos of both songs are interconnected, featuring Zhu Xian Online's mystic setting and breathtaking sceneries. The music video of Zhu Xian: I'm back" alone was a two million RMB production. In the Shanghai press conference, Richie Ren, showed up in his devil custom with a soul-destroying stick, reminded the audience of Zhu Xian's Zhang Xiao-fan.

source: prnewswire

Zhu Xian's Music Videos:

"Zhu Xian Online" will inherit the fantasy elements of the novel, express China's beautiful scenery and truly let the player experience the full process of self-cultivation. This beyond-space-and-time "4D" online game has an abundant production system, complex mage equipment and a variety of regions. The game will have furious clan battles, and will allow the players to enter the mysterious underground. The game creates two unique ways of leveling up and self-cultivation, and will bring a totally different fantasy online game to you.

As ''Zhu Xian'' has recently won the ''Best Self-Developed Online Game" award and "Top 10 most Popular Online Games'' award in the ChinaJoy Jin Ling Awards, the Company believes the launch of ''Unparalleled Battlefield'' will be another example of demonstrating our strong technology and creative game design capabilities. On the Battlefield, all players can obtain ''Xianji Points'' and ''Heavenly Crystal Stones'' to exchange for masterworks of their clans' battlefield equipment.

The official version of the game will include new content including four in-game scenes, two mini-maps, thirteen magic, seventy-two skills,dozens of BOSSES, hundreds of outfits, thousands of monsters, tens of thousands of tasks and the calling-shocked innovation system. This updated version will be a one- stop service in which all plots in the novel of ZhuXian and five self cultivation periods will be unveiled. Therefore, scenes in the game will be consistent with those in the novel.

SOURCES: Beijing Perfect World Co., Ltd.

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