Saturday, October 11, 2008

Zhu Xian Online: InDepth look inside the game

The record-breaking best seller internet-novel,"Zhu Xian" has the world view that features a story of love and hatred and meeting and parting for true love between the hero with dark past and the two beautiful heroines. The game traces the same plot of the novel including such factors as hero and heroines ,NPC, surrounding figures ,Quest and Dungeons. This is a high-grade MMORPG that players can experience the grand world view of that fantasy novel through unprecedented unique system," Treasure System," beautiful and powerful "Skill Graphic" and joyful "Family System" which you can enjoy communication through small units. It is a high-grade MMORPG which players can experience the grand world view brought by the fantasy novel.

Watch Video:

Interpersonal Match" as beautiful and powerful "Graphic"

■"Landscape" as the grand world view for experiencing "Story"

■"Riding Battle" as free fighting scene

■"Flying" as moving around the free field

Source: Legends of Chusen jp

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